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If you are interested in a highly effective and comprehensive program that will increase your child's energy, esteem, and spirit while they become strong and empowered with confidence then our Karate' Inspiring Confidence in Kids (K-I-C-K) Children's Martial Arts Program is what you’ve been looking for.

Our specialized children's programs are age-specific and professionally designed to teach your children important life skills in a fun, exciting, and effective manner. Our secret to teaching your children coordination, concentration, motor skills, respect, discipline, self-control and other values is a unique blend of education, entertainment, and exercise that will have your child sweating, smiling, and learning in every class. We use the excitement and fun of martial arts skills to teach key life lessons important to children's safety and success.

At the American Black Belt Academy, we teach a realistic, value based self-defense system that combines karate, kickboxing and jiu-jitsu, so children learn to defend themselves in virtually any situation, whether they are standing up or on the ground. Our integrated martial arts system effectively combines techniques from different arts for a complete system.


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