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At  American Black Belt Academy we offer a program for everyone!

Trying to find a unique developmental activity that will bring out the best in your already great child?

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If you have been yearning for a progressive toning and strengthening workout with the structure and flavor of a traditional martial art, our Adult Martial Arts Program is for you. If you are interested in a highly effective and comprehensive system of standing and ground defense techniques using leverage to defeat larger, stronger opponents then our Authentic GRACIE Jiu-jitsu is the answer. Thinking about an informal, no-nonsense, practical self-defense course that will empower you with the skills to protect yourself and your family against the unique threats of the world we live in, then our KEYSI Self Defense Program has what you are looking for. Maybe you just want to get in shape and experience a dynamic, unique, and exciting alternative to physical conditioning, if so our concept of Fitness, Fun, and Friends has you in mind.

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This Program is Exclusively
Available to Military & Law Enforcement


Athens' Traditionally Trained Karate'

Our Traditional Karate’ is the foundation to a more contemporary Martial Arts style that like every program in our Academy Dojo is completely dedicated to meeting your self defense needs. By combining a variety of the most effective techniques from key Martial Arts with a strong foundation in Traditional Karate; we empower our students with an extremely effective way to defend themselves.


We practice a traditional based system of integrated martial arts called Okawa Te Bujutsu which combines Japanese Shotokan Karate, Japanese & Gracie Jiu-jitsu with kickboxing adding weapons techniques from Kali / Escrima and advanced shielding methods drawn from Justo Diguez’s Keysi Fighting Method creating one very flexible system that provides our students with an extremely effective way to defend themselves while getting in the best shape of their lives.


At the Beginning level we incorporate Surprise Attack Defenses from GRACIE® Jiu-Jitsu to prepare you to defend yourself effectively very early in the training process.  As you progress to the Intermediate Level you’ll be trained in Kali / Escrima to gain an understanding of how to employ sticks and knives as weapons in order to become highly efficient at defending against attackers using them as weapons. Progressing to the Advanced Level our system gives you some of the most unique options known in order to deal with defending yourself against multiple simultaneous attackers.   

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KEYSI Urban Combatives

 is for students interested in serious personal protection options.


 Learn the Spanish urban self-defense method created by Justo Diéguez with just one aim in mind; Personal Growth through the development of the Instinct. The movements, concepts and principles used in Keysi follow universal laws that are not limited by any system or style. Keysi develops mind and body, merging them together into a sole pprinciple, providing the individual with the necessary attributes to shape and define a way of life centered on personal growth. Keysi by Justo Dieguez  markedly different  from any martial art or self defense system because of one thin, it’s principles; which educate us through values and they give us skills for expression and self realization emotionally, mentally and physically.

Eradicate Fear, Access Aggression, Anchor Confidence!!!

 Our unique Defense -N- Attack concept allows you to protect yourself while neutralizing Attackers and is geared toward dealing with Multiple Simultaneous Attackers.
This is a one-of-a-kind combat solution to intense self defense challenges.

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Jiu-Jitsu for self defense as intended by it’s founder Grandmaster Helio Gracie.

If you are interested in a highly effective and comprehensive system of standing and ground defense techniques using the application of leverage to defeat larger, stronger opponents then Jiu-jitsu is the answer.

Gracie Jiu Jitsu is the official hand-to-hand combat system of the United States Military and self-defense system for law enforcement agencies all around the country. It is a proven and powerful fighting system, designed to be used against armed and unarmed attackers.

American Black Belt Academy is a Rickson Gracie Jiu Jitsu Global Federation Certified Academy  featuring Multiple GRACIE Jiu Jitsu Black Belts under Master Pedro Sauer and Certified Pedro Sauer Brazilian Jiu jitsu Association  Instructors presenting an organized and structured curriculum that ensures the most effective training system available.

Many Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and MMA schools present techniques in complete randomness and use new students to be training tools for veteran competitors, focusing on winning competition and advancing the name of the school. This approach leads to a high new student drop out rate and frequent injuries. These instructors blame the student’s lack of discipline and athletic ability.

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Many students have reported to us that their increased level of physical fitness and the confidence they've gained through their experience with us has allowed them to perform better at work, in school, and at home. We know that you will find our staff of instructors to be a very positive influence on you, your child and your family.


Get in the best shape of your life physically and mentally!

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