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Would you be able to defend yourself and your loved ones if someone were to physically attack you?

It’s a question most of us don’t want to consider, but violence is, unfortunately, a fact of life. Thankfully, regardless of strength, size, or previous training, anyone can learn effective self-defense to prepare for and stay safe in common real-world violent situations.

Most Martial Arts schools claim to teach Self Defense but the vast majority try to adapt competition techniques to apply to real street situations and these two concepts are actually worlds apart.

At American Black Belt Academy, REAL Self Defense is the foundation of everything we do and our training programs have an unequaled focus on effective personal protection.

Currently reality sport competitions  completely misrepresent the essence of what self defense really means. REAL self defense needs to come from REAL experience; our academy's owner is a retired Army Master Sergeant and Special Forces Combat Veteran.  Randy McElwee  has a unique background of qualification and experience.


Jiu-Jitsu for self defense as intended by it’s founder Grandmaster Helio Gracie.

If you are interested in a highly effective and comprehensive system of standing and ground defense techniques using the application of leverage to defeat larger, stronger opponents then Jiu-jitsu is the answer.

Gracie Jiu Jitsu is the official hand-to-hand combat system of the United States Military and self-defense system for law enforcement agencies all around the country. It is a proven and powerful fighting system, designed to be used against armed and unarmed attackers.

American Black Belt Academy is an Rickson Gracie Jiu Jitsu Global Federation Certified Academy  featuring Pedro Sauer Brazilian Jiu jitsu Association Certified Instructors.

Many Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and MMA schools present techniques in complete randomness and use new students to be training tools for veteran competitors, focusing on winning competition and advancing the name of the school. This approach leads to a high new student drop out rate and frequent injuries. These instructors blame the student’s lack of discipline and athletic ability.


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KEYSI_Oct 2018-084.jpg

KEYSI Urban Combatives

 is for students interested in serious personal protection options.


 Learn the Spanish urban self-defence method created by Justo Diéguez with just one aim in mind; Personal Growth through the development of the Instinct. The movements, concepts and principles used in Keysi follow universal laws that are not limited by any system or style. Keysi develops mind and body, merging them together into a sole pprinciple, providing the individual with the necessary attributes to shape and define a way of life centered on personal growth. Keysi by Justo Dieguez  markedly different  from any martial art or self defense system because of one thin, it’s principles; which educate us through values and they give us skills for expression and self realization emotionally, mentally and physically.

Eradicate Fear, Access Aggression, Anchor Confidence!!!

 Our unique Defense -N- Attack concept allows you to protect yourself while neutralizing Attackers and is geared toward dealing with Multiple Simultaneous Attackers.
This is a one-of-a-kind combat solution to intense self defense challenges.

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S-A-F-E (Sexual Assault Fundamental Escapes) is a FUN approach to being SERIOUSLY Prepared! This specialized women's self defense program is designed and taught by taking the best defense moves of all our programs that apply to the most common attacks inflicted upon women, and years of experience and knowledge working with law enforcement and studying criminals, and organized them into a packed self defense program that will prepare you for safety and defense more than any other defense program you can find.

SAFE is designed for women of all ages and fitness levels, using techniques based on Gracie Jiu Jitsu, an internationally renowned martial arts form designed so that a smaller opponent can easily defeat a larger, stronger opponent using technique and leverage.

The victim's feeling of total helplessness is the worst part of an attack experience.

S-A-F-E empowers a woman not only physically with simple, effective techniques for an escape, but also psychologically and emotionally by enabling her to maintain the presence of mind necessary to recognize or create an opportunity to get away.

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Self defense is a broad category that encompasses a variety of methods and approaches to dealing with an attack. At American Black Belt Academy we do not advocate violence as a first choice but we do uniquely prepare our students to protect themselves.  While in some attack scenarios violence is necessary, American Black Belt Academy promotes defense methods that emphasize keeping you safe, which often means deescalating a dangerous situation before an attack can occur.

At American Black Belt Academy, we'll teach you all the methods, explore various scenarios and the right way to defend yourself in almost any situation. Our model is to always diligently avoid an altercation but also be prepared for one. We offer a variety of options 

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